Supervision Includes the Following:

  • Individual weekly sessions. 

  • Feedback and guidance on counseling techniques, diagnosis, assessments, ethics, application of theories

  • Group Supervision (if available)

  • Review your case notes to improve documentation and monitor ethical compliance

  • Supervision rates can vary based on special conditions. Feel free to email me or call me for further details.

What I am looking for in an LPC Intern:

  • A strong ethical and moral foundation
  • Someone who accepts responsibility, is dedicated and respectful of the supervisor-supervisee relationship, is organized, has effective time management skills, and is willing to ask questions
  • An LPC Intern who is dedicated to the counseling profession
  • Someone who understands the supervisor-supervisee relationship can be cancelled for any reason by either party at any time if it is not working out

State of Texas LPC Intern Process:

  1. Masters Degree or PhD in Counseling or Psychology from an accredited university and completion of all classes and practicum as required by the LPC Board. For more detailed information go to the LPC Board's website at 
  2.  Successful completion of the National Counselor Exam (NCE)
  3. Interview potential supervisors. Complete a supervision contract form which both parties must sign.
  4. Apply for LPC Licensure (also known as the temporary license). All LPC Intern documents are to be sent to the Texas State Board of Examiners. Your application process may take up to six weeks to be processed.
  5. An Intern must obtain 3000 total clock hours while under supervision, 1500 hours must be direct client contact during a minimum of 18 months. 
  6. Maintain accurate records of logged hours, supervised hours, and supervision notes. You may use Time2Track or an Excel spreadsheet. 
  7. Obtain insurance. There are several options available such as HPSOAmerican Professional Agency, and Hiscox
  8. Please refer to the Texas Administrative Code for further information at