New Year, New You?

How many times have you heard this phrase at the beginning of the year? “New Year…New You” Typically said by marketing campaigns' intent on selling you products.  Products promising to “fix” your problems, namely looking younger, thinner, and happier.

What if you didn’t need to be a new you, what if you simply needed to be yourself? With some minor adjustments.

Think about this: making tiny tweaks can produce significant changes. What happens at 211 degrees to a pot of water? It's just really hot water.  Turn up the heat one degree more and you have boiling water. Boiling water creates steam.  The power of steam is harnessed into energy.  One little degree makes the difference.

Small changes when chosen intentionally, strategically offer a big payoff.

As the sun begins to cast light on 2019, I am beginning this season changing up some of my habits.  Those things I do without even thinking about, from mindless snacking to hitting the snooze button in the morning.  These mindless acts influence a large part of my day and life.

According to Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habits, he contends in order to be successful in life individuals need to live by, what he calls “keystone habits.”  Keystone habits are small habits that help other habits flourish because they create an environment for change to become contagious.

For example, one habit I am going to work on this year is waking up earlier.  To be specific 6:00 am Monday thru Thursday.  This is going to help me do other things that I would like, such as work out, have a consistent devotional time, and organize my day.  I believe this one goal will affect countless areas of my life.  It's one thing, like adding a degree to make water boil, that will create an environment for change to become contagious.

So what would you like to be different this year compared to previous years?

  • Become financially secure?

  • Live healthier?

  • Develop intentional relationships?

  • Finish up a degree?

No matter what your goal is, you need these…Keystone Habits. Figuring out the keystone habit takes some time and reflection.  You may not get it right the first time.  You might have to make some adjustments along the way.  Give yourself permission to allow imperfections to occur.  But here’s the thing…don’t give up.  When it doesn’t work out right - keep going!

Every year millions of Americans set out with great intentions on January 1.  According to Journal of Clinical Psychology, 25 percent fall off the bandwagon after a week.  In fact, only 8% of individuals who make resolutions find success.  This is depressing to me because most of us desire to change.  We try really hard.  But after disappointment, we give up.

Let's make this an amazing year! I am expectant for the year and excited to see what God is going to do in our lives.

Blessings to you,


New Year, New You?
Melissa Clark