Melissa Clark Counseling, PLLC

Individual Counseling

Often times, individuals seek Christian counseling in order to work on specific struggles that hinder their quality of life; struggles such as depression, eating disorders, the effects of childhood sexual or physical abuse, compulsive behaviors, relational problems, or other personal concerns.

Premarital Counseling

Couples who are planning on marriage seek premarital Christian counseling for a variety of reasons. Some couples want to better understand issues of compatibility, individual strengths and weaknesses each partner brings to the relationship, communication and relational styles, and personality differences. Other couples have specific concerns they want to address before marriage.

Marriage Counseling

Couples generally choose to enter marriage counseling based on Biblical principals in order to work on pressing problems in the marital relationship that either robs of satisfaction, joy, and closeness, and/or that threaten the foundation of the marriage.

Family Counseling

When issues are best addressed between family members, family counseling is a good venue.

Life Coaching

The focus of life coaching is on personal growth and improvement. Consider life coaching if you are functioning well, but want to overcome obstacles that keep you from greater fulfillment.