Vision Casting Video Series

Day 1: Introductions

Welcome to Day One of the Vision Casting Video Series. I am so glad you are here! Below are seven segments of a book a wrote, Vision Casting. Because most of us super busy, I've taken the book and turned into handouts and short videos to watch. My hope for you is by the end of the series you will know God has given you a unique dream and vision helps you to achieve these God-given dreams.

Vision is closely tied to faith. And you will need faith to pursue the God-sized adventures He’s prepared for you. Good news: We aren’t meant to do this journey alone. God allows us to partner with Him to fulfill these kingdom assignments. Even though He is with us the entire time, this road is filled with twists and turns.

Check out today’s video to start the journey of discovering what vision is and why it matters for your life.



Day 2: Who I am….really??

Paul tells us in Ephesians 2:10 We are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. In order to do the good works God prepared for us to do, we need to know we are God’s masterpiece. 

Unfortunately events (big or small) may have occurred in your life, leaving your hurt and confused. Most likely believing false things about yourself, others, and God. 

These false beliefs become labels we wear and mistakenly become our identity. 

READ More about how to determine Truth for your life about your identity



Day 3: Fight the Fog

For too long, I woke up day after day in a fog of barely-making-it. I sought joy where it could never be found and significance from those who could never grant it to me. I felt disconnected and lonely and like there was something inherently flawed about me. I became depressed, developed an eating disorder, and thought of suicide. 

I know firsthand how destructive it is to live without knowing and seeking God’s plan and purpose for my life. 

What about you? What’s the fog in your life?




Lack of perceived opportunities? 

Read more about the fog you may be experiencing:



Day 4: What is Vision? Why does vision matter? 

Vision is more than seeing, it’s a way of seeing. Vision is a tightly held conviction guiding the direction of your life. This kind of vision can navigate your life—even when the path is dark, even when you don’t know exactly what to do, and even if the vision itself is a little bit crazy.

See why vision really does matter for your life.

Read more about how to determine God’s vision for your life.



Day 5: Discovering your Vision 

Vision gives you the spiritual eyes to see your dream.

Vision facilities the wisdom need to stay on course.

Vision produces passion, purpose, and meaning - meaning even in the mundane.

Vision motivates, gives purpose, provides direction.

Be sure to check out the handouts provided.  Spend a few moments investing into discovering or rediscovering the vision for your life.

Check out today’s handout to discover your God-given vision



Day 6: The Power of Habits

Habits are small, everyday choices. When taken individually, they don’t really seem too impressive or important. However, as you take a step back and see how those little moments combine, they describe the story of your life.  

Habits form when little thoughts and little behaviors come in and your brain shifts to autopilot. No longer paying attention, you simply go through the motions of life bobbing about, going wherever the current takes you.  

Creating new habits isn’t as difficult as you may think.  The challenge is to create focus and determination. What habit would you like to start? 

Check out the resource provided to help you create habits that will propel you towards your vision. 



Day 7: Expect Delays

Delays are apart of the process. We all encounter them. When delays happen you are presenting with a choice: become disappointed and discouraged or press on.

Check out today’s resource to help you when you face delays.